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Fifteen N. Robinson Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102 USA
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Skirvin Hilton

One Park Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102 USA
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Renaissance Marriott

10 North Broadway
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102 USA
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The Courtyard Marriott

2 West Reno Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102 USA
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One North Broadway
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102 USA
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Parking Meters
201 Robert S. Kerr Avenue
Located directly in front of BOK bldg.
Hourly Rate: $1.00 per hr., 1 hr. maximum
Credit cards and change accepted

Plaza Parking Garage
227 Robert S. Kerr Avenue
Located adjacent to west of BOK bldg.
*Valet Parking Available*
Hourly Rate: $2.00 first half hr., $4.00 first hr., $8.00 over first hr.

Metro Parking Garage
321 Robert S. Kerr Avenue
Located 1 block west of BOK bldg.
Hourly Rate: $2.00 first hr., $1.00 each extra hr., $7.00 max per day

Dowell Center Parking Garage
433 N. Harvey Avenue
Located 1-1/2 blocks north of BOK bldg.
Flat Rate: $5.00

Santa Fe Parking Garage
2 Santa Fe Plaza
Located 2 blocks east of BOK bldg.
Hourly Rate: $2.00 first hr., $1.00 each extra hr., $7.00 max per day

Main Street Parking
119 W. Main
Located 2 blocks southeast of BOK bldg.
Hourly Rate: $2.00 first hr., $4.00 2 hrs., $8.00 max per day

Sheridan/Walker Parking
Intersection of Sheridan & Walker
Located 2-1/2 blocks southwest of BOK bldg.
Hourly Rate: $2.00 first hr., $1.00 each extra hr., $7.00 max per day

Law Student Employment Opportunities

We actively recruit law students for temporary/part-time employment in the firm’s intern program which primarily involves the summer months and consists of several students.

Typically, interviews of second year law students are periodically conducted on campus at The University of Oklahoma College of Law and Oklahoma City University School of Law, but other interested candidates will also be considered for student positions in the summer program.

We require a full summer commitment and discourage “splitting” the summer between employers in order to better acquaint ourselves with each student on a personal basis and to foster more familiarity by a particular student with all the firm’s attorneys. We insist on this kind of commitment because we prefer to fill associate attorney positions from a pool of applicants who have previously worked with the firm as students. In this way, we view our intern program as an “extended interview” and evaluation of potential applicants for eventual, full time attorney positions with the firm as such positions become available or business dictates.

Routinely, law students participating in the firm’s internship will find themselves occupied with research and writing projects but will also have opportunities to observe other typical litigation activities (e.g., depositions, court hearings, mediations, and client conferences). We strive to offer law students in our program a first-hand view inside a busy litigation firm such that they can evaluate whether full time employment as a litigation attorney is what they want in a professional career. Many of the firm’s members began their association with the firm as students themselves.

We consider the program’s goal to be to present students with opportunities for professional evaluation by the firm and to promote an environment wherein both students and attorneys can get to know each other and determine if a “fit” exists for possible inclusion in the firm.

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